Cardiac Rehabilitation Treatment

Cardiorespiratoty physiotherapy specialises in the prevention,rehabilitation of clients with diseases and injuries in the heart and lungs.shortness of breath,persistent cough,increased work of breathing,and reduced abilty to exercise are common problems.Common cardiac conditions include congestive cardiac failure,peripheral vascular disease,angina,heart attack, heart surgeries.At activphysiohub, our experts will undertake a complete assessment and evaluationof your cardiorespiratory system.endurance and mobility and will design a treatment program according to your needs.Some of the techniques used are

  • Hands on techniques to improve lung capacity
  • Breathing techniques to improve lung volume
  • Coughing strategies that help with shortness of breath
  • Percussions and vibrations to help clear out secretions
  • Mobility assistance and aids
  • Individually designed exercise program

cardiac rehabilitation in south Delhi

In order to prevent complications after surgery, our experts will teach you correct breathing exercises,bed, chair and standing exercises. Also, an individualized fitness program is designed for mobility and fitness that also helps control your breathing pattern and helps in developing strength and endurance.