Cancer Rehabiliation Treatment

Cancer and its treatment causes a range of physical symptoms including cancer related fatigue, arthralgia and breathlessness. Regardless of the type or stage, it has been proven that physical activity improves quality of life in cancer patients. At activphysiohub, we have expert physiotherapists having the necessary skill and knowledge to help with these physical side effects of cancer or its treatment. Cancer rehabilitation includes various therapies which can help in

  • Building strength and endurance
  • Reduce stress
  • Increase functional mobility
  • Maintain energy levels to do all day activities

At Activphysiohub, a renowned physiotherapy clinic in south delhi we provide ‘a state of art’ treatment’ which is designed as an individualized treatment and combines range of motion exercises to strengthening exercises which can help regain strength and improve functional stability and complete well being.


Breast cancer related lymphedema of upper limb is a common complication following breast cancer surgery:
  • pain in shoulder
  • swelling in arm
  • decreased range of motion of shoulder
at actvphysiohub,we have a patient centered educational program to educate the patient about lymphatic system and symptoms and signs of lymphedema.Breathing exercises, post surgical positioning, scar tissue massage,soft tissue stretching, ROM exercises,shoulder and elbow mobilization are some of the techniques to prevent it.