tele rehabilitation for covid-19 patients in delhi

Tele rehabilitation for Covid-19 patients: Rehabilitation matters

You all may be wondering how physiotherapy or exercise can help us to improve the symptoms of this pandemic, so all your answers are here!

Covid-19 mainly involves respiratory system showing lower respiratory tract infection including fever, dyspnea and dry cough.

Main pathogenesis of covid-19 is severe pneumonia with an incidence of ground glass opacities and acute cardiac injuries. Mainly includes arterial hypoxemia greatly affecting pulmonary system.

So here comes the role of physiotherapist in patients recovering from covid-19 who are in self isolation at home and having mild to moderate symptoms which includes breathlessness or decreased oxygen saturation.

Activ physio hub is providing the tele rehabilitation for such patients in two phases:

  1. Acute rehabilitation
  2. Post acute rehabilitation

In acute rehabilitation which is a tele rehabilitation phase, with some basic and easy breathing exercise we can maintain and improve oxygen saturation levels thus helping the patient for faster recovery.

In this phase we will be teaching the exercise to other family members who are In isolation but are asymptomatic or covid-19 negative, so as their respiratory function remains normal.

In post acute rehabilitation programe this is a one o one programme which will include :

  1. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy: in this the patient will breathe almost pure oxygen in a chamber and thus this will help the patient lungs to rehabilitate completely.
  2. Exercise and fitness: breathing exercises to improve respiratory fitness and general fitness exercises

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