Physio gym for senior citizens in South Delhi

Physio Gyms for Senior Citizens

In the current situation, because of COVID-19 many senior citizens are scared of going outside to get their physiotherapy sessions done or to even walk which is leading to compromise of their joints and muscles.

At Activ Physio Hub, we are providing both by following all the guidelines and taking the required precautions & safe gyms.

Physio Gym is a personalised programme which includes exercises designed to strengthen the individuals and provide with activities that challenge their balance in order to facilitate independent living.

What can you expect out of this programme?

  • All the safety measures are beeing taken as per WHO guidelines.
  • Personalised examinations.
  • One on one sessions and knowing the needs of your joints and muscles.
  • Individualised treatment plans.

Physio Gym can give seniors back their independence and make daily tasks easier.

Working with physiotherapists will not only reduce pain but will also help in improving overall strength and ability, and reduce the risk of injuries, helping you maintain a higher quality of life.

Various exercise programmes at Activ Physio Hub include:

  • Balance and coordination.
  • Stretching and strengthening exercises.
  • Mobility training.
  • Aerobic exercise.
  • Power Yoga.

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